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Nova is a web designer at Defiance Industries
Featured Work
Prototyping • UI & UX Design • Wireframes & User Flows
Real Estate Webmasters
Worked on a team of developers and programmers for Canada's fastest growing high-tech company.
Senior Social Isolation
Led website design, flow stategy, and integration of 3rd party materials for this grant-funded research firm.
O.U.R. Ecovillage
Led website redesign to enable the organization to better engage with a younger generation of visitors.
The Permaculture Society
Led the initial website design, content development, branding, and user flow strategy for this non-profit.
Game of Planets .com
Created the UI & UX development, wireframes, storyboards, and programming for this massive online strategy game.
Villagers Card Game
Led design of proprietary content management system to enable the creators to manage product distribution, development, and branding.
* Case study coming soon
User-centered design
Quality products provide a service that people need, can use intuitively, and remember amongst the sea of competition.
"Nova looks at product design with a systematic lens, is easy to work with, and never loses sight of the project goals."
- President, Healthwell Ltd.
First we must define the problems to solve, what are our constraints, and how success will be measured.
Then we explore the solutions with low-fi sketches, and test our prototypes for user feedback.
Finally, with our flows simplified and refined, we launch something users will love and understand.
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I'm available for teaching workshops on product development, ideation, testing, and design, as well as for new contracts and consultation.
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Defiance Industries
Prior to becoming a freelance designer, I ran Defiance Industries as an independant website design and development consultant. Clients included government research firms, non-profit organizations, individuals, and small businesses.